The purpose of BeUnlisted’s registration of personal information is to be able to provide a simple and complete share register solution via the Internet to BeUnlisted’s customers and to provide a clearly arranged  depository of unlisted companies for our customer’s shareholders. Every company is legally obliged to maintain a share register. BeUnlisted provides an electronic service that facilitates the administration of share registers. To improve the capital market for unlisted companies the shareholders of BeUnlisted’s customers get a custody account where their holdings are registered.

Information recorded

The information that BeUnlisted registers to be able to provide this service and make it effective is as follows:

  • Each shareholder’s ID number/organisation number, name and mailing address. If the shareholder has provided additional contact information, such as phone number or e-mail address, this information will also be listed.

  • Each share’s number, the type of share it is and who holds the share.

  • Whether any share certificates have been issued and if so, to which shareholders the share certificates have been issued.

  • If any shareholders have a guardian or trustee this guardian’s contact information is also registered.

  • Any guardians and their contact information – e.g. if anyone other than the shareholder has the right to dividends.

  • Any notes that are required by law to be linked to the shareholding.

  • The company’s board of directors and deputy directors as well as their contact information.

  • The company’s auditors and, where applicable, deputy auditors and their contact information.

  • The administrator’s name, ID number and e-mail address.

For more information about how we handle personal information see

Personal information


The registered information will be used to compile a share register on the customer’s behalf and a custody account for the customer’s shareholders. The information will also be used to develop various reports related to the customer’s ownership and to provide a collective custody account to the owners of the companies in BeUnlisted.