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Limitation of liability

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Force Majeure

BeUnlisted is exempt from liability for damage the user may suffer due to events beyond BeUnlisted’s control, such as explosion, fire, flood or other accident, sabotage, war, strikes or other labour disputes and changes in laws and provisions or other action by the authorities. This reservation with regard to strikes or other labour conflict applies even if BeUnlisted themselves takes or is the object of such conflict actions. In addition to what is normally understood by events beyond BeUnlisted’s control, events that make the provision of the web service more costly or onerous for BeUnlisted than the original conditions shall also be included. BeUnlisted is also not liable to compensate the user for any damages in other cases where BeUnlisted has exercised due caution.

Content providers

BeUnlisted’s suppliers are responsible for applying applicable legislation to the users of the service. The suppliers establish, maintain and are responsible for the materials that are published on the web service and the products or services offered on BeUnlisted’s web service.